Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A new Fibre obsession

So, I have been knitting a little, but it has gone from my main hobby to my hobby that comes in after banjo and dancing and reading and other things. But then over the weekend I borrowed a rigid heddle loom from friends (and got an excellent lesson in how to use it that set me well on the path to obsession) and all other things (including sleep) have been relegated to secondary importance.

This patchwork-y scarf was a great way to start. It gave me a lot of information about how weaving works.

And I have been eyeing off this green yarn for weaving potential for years.

If the spirit moves me, I may embroider it.


Kate Price said...

It all looks so good Ceels!

Geoff Foley said...

Meh, who needs sleep when there's weaving to do!