Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lifting the blues

I am almost as scattered today as I was on the first weekend of the holidays, but not quite as exhausted and I am not coughing up nearly as much, erm, stuff.

I re-thought my approach to the holidays this time. Usually I feel like the holidays are my opportunity to do all the stuff I don't get time to do during term. I have all these Ideas about Things that I should be doing. This time my daily goals were a little more within my grasp.

#1 get out of bed at some stage
#2 drink tea
#3 read a book
#4 be open to the idea of going back to bed if I need to

This does mean that I have spent most of the week either in bed or sprawled on the couch. But then the trip to get a pedicure left me needing a nap, so I am more or less at peace with the laziness. Plus, even though I set the bar so ridiculously low, I still felt a sense of achievement when I got to the end of the day and had done those four things.

Today I found this post on 62cherry. For 12 days her goals were:
#1 One espresso
#2 Walk at least one way to/from school
#3 Call a friend to see how they are doing
#4 No chocolate, cakes or biscuits
#5 Get out of bed and start the day at 6am
#6 Schedule time to do some hand sewing
#7 Write my morning pages
#8 Write a blog post here & on mixtape
#9 Work on Issue 13
#10 Leave comments on blogs i like
#11 Only eat home cooked meals
#12 Have porridge & yoghurt each morning

I have 7 days left of the holidays. So, in the next 7 days I will aspire to:
#1 Read a book
#2 Drink at least four pots of tea a day (only two caffeinated)
#3 Practice the guitar
#4 Walk to Milkwood for a[nother] baugette
#5 Dry my hair in the sun
#6 Try a new recipe
#7 Scale back the original plan of going through all the cupboards and dividing everything into keep/ give away/ throw away (and actually doing those last two). Change it to 'throw away at least one thing from each cupboard'.

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