Sunday, June 07, 2009

How to spend a Sunday -

This is the second cast on of Pavonis. The needles were too small the first time, 4mm is much better for this yarn (Handmaiden 2ply cashmere - is it still about? I can't find it.) It is a nice restful lace pattern, though it has taken me a little while to settle back into lace knitting and to go with what I know about lace, rather than what I think the (Finnish) pattern is telling me to do.

The only thing I haven't done properly is set myself up with snacks and tea so that I don't have to move. The cats get so disgruntled when their heated mattress (me) gets up to go and do something.

But, with me being so warm compared to the alternative, they quickly forgive me for so disturbing them.

They have taken a step further down the path of using the toilet (the human toilet, not the litter tray) and I am happy about that.

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