Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Day -

Meet Arbutus, Cumquat's slightly stupid cousin from the country. He is kind of big and soft and dumb. I used the yarn from the swatch for the wedding blanket.

And my first Finnish knitting pattern. (No, I can't read Finnish, but I can read knitting and it was very straight forward). I still need to get some snaps to secure the other side (oh no, a trip to Clegs...)

I got the button at a yarn store in Kitsilano, Urban Yarns. I wanted to get a whole set of them, but they only had one left.

I watched Into the Wild tonight. I cast on at the start of the movie and cast off, sewed on the button and sewed in the ends before it finished. It has been a piece full of thinking and reflecting and I feel kind of peaceful right now. A bit like all is right in the world. (Apart from the f@cking enormous spider on the screen door that is preventing me from going out on the balcony or, indeed, anywhere near that part of the house).


Amelia said...

love the button! know the spider feeling.

Ceels said...

It was a huntsman - I had no business screaming like a girly-girl, they are harmless... and yet...