Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bleah -

It is a mucky weekend, unseasonably cold, rain and hail showers which leave no time for nipping to the laundromat, let alone time to dry things after, and I am supposed to working.


I have been trying to take my mind of the meh-ness.

I started something new and quick.

Thought about beginning some unmentionables, but only got as far as patting the swatch. Maybe I should pick a different yarn. I love the feel of the Harmony, but the colour makes me feel meh. And you shouldn't knit meh unmentionables.

There is a jumper for my brother, and that has been good exam supervision knitting, but it is just a big, black, 12 ply jumper.

I knit a few more half-hearted rows on Laminaria. It has been a (long) while since I have touched this project and the Addi Lace needles had got all sticky and smelt metallic and like when you touch a battery to the tip of your tongue. I gave them a good rub on my woollen jumper and it seemed to do the trick, but they still smell funny.

I thought that if anything could lift my mood, cashmere could. I have been saving this yarn up since Canada, but not even that could lift my knitting spirits. Maybe I should just go and get the work done.

I have been enjoying blogs in other languages, lately. And have just learned my favourite word ever. Langanostolakossa - on a yarn diet.

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