Monday, April 21, 2008

Bugs -

Long long ago, when I first got a camera, I took a picture of an interesting bug. It turned out to be a juvenile mantis. I have always liked praying mantises, and it looks like this one in the lemon grass is all growed up now.

If it is the same one, it didn't run away like when it was really little. But its little black eye does look a little worried. It has water on its head because I had thought it was an old leaf and had tried to wash it off (never garden without your glasses on).

I went to the Yarraville stitch and bitch last week and was inspired by one of the girls there to cast on a Tomten. It has kept me good company through a nervous few days.

I have to admit that it looks suspiciously like the disastrous ribwarmer at this stage.

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