Tuesday, May 16, 2017

All about the cat

It has been 5 weeks now since I brought BeeBee-Ate home. I have been in paroxysms of anxiety because she was spending so much time under the bed. She would be super affectionate, and then something would give her a fright and she'd be off again.

I secretly wanted a lap cat, but the only time she sleeps on me is at night. That said, she shoots into the bedroom as soon as I'm under the covers and drapes herself across my legs. She's had a couple of nights of cat crazies on the bed, but she seems to have come to terms with the fact that I'm not going to get up and join her, so she goes and has the crazies somewhere else. She also sat next to me on the couch a couple of times while I was reading, so she might be a lap cat one day, but it is also okay if she just wants to be ornamental.

She is still very interested in eating, I've got her eating mainly wet food, a combination of raw meat, bones and organs and tinned food. She still wants the dry crunchies, but doesn't seem so desperately hungry anymore.

Her confidence seems to have leaped ahead in the last couple of days and she now comes and mugs you at the door when you get home for cat cuddles (rather than hiding under the bed) and she really leans in to the scritches. She has also conquered her fear of the clothes horse and has added pulling down socks to her list of fun activities. The other night when something gave her a fright she went and hid on the bed rather than under it!

She has so much energy for games and goes tearing up and down the rug in the corridor, playing with her toys, leaping and twisting in the air.

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