Saturday, January 19, 2013

Where the banjo gets more attention than the knittng

In 2011 I spent more time travelling than knitting.

In 2012 I spent more time playing the banjo than knitting. There were things knit. Lots of baby things. I even took pictures of most of it. But I spent way more time with the banjo.

In 2013, the only thing I have worked on so far is a crochet blanket. I looked around at all the yarn I am not knitting and felt a tiny bit like I should really ought to be doing something with it. And nothing uses up yarn like a nice bit of crochet. I would take a picture of it and show you, but the blog is full. Google won't let me put up new pictures. So imagine a lovely rug in Jo Sharp DK that I bought on sale about four years ago in lovely burgandy, purple, green and blue.

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