Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spinning wheel hiatus

Remember that fleece? I spun three bobbins worth and then plyed them on a spindle.

I ended up with 160g of delicious squooshy grey yarn in a fat skein I didn't take a picture of. But all that is on hold now. I have started travelling and couldn't take the wheel with me.

I did take my drop spindles, though, and I am hoping that, when I get to Uzbekistan, I am going to find lots of women to teach me more about spindle spinning.

I am travelling overland from Singapore to Scotland and have four spindles, 450 grams of assorted unspun fibre (including 200g of Wendy Dennis polwarth/silk and 50g of some cashmere silk I picked up at the 2009 Sock Summit), two skeins of sock yarn, three balls of kidsilk haze and a ball of cashmere that I nearly finished knitting on the plane. I will be mainly updating somewhere else. If you are interested the blog is over here.

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