Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rain rain

This morning I left the apartment in pouring rain, arriving at work drenched to my knees.

Tonight I went to see Sir Terry Pratchett OBE and it was marvellous

Then I went up to someone to ask if that was an Ishbel she was wearing and had she made it herself. She had, out of some Tosh Sock. She, in turn, complemented me on my Lacy Baktus and Rose Red.

Gosh, I love cold weather.


ljcoz said...

What an 'in' crowd. TP was interviewed for the 7.30 report tonight. Apparently there is a 20 min interview online. Love the 'knitting code'

Ceels said...

Yes, in a room full of geeks, we had people looking at us funny as we gushed over Madeline Tosh and Sundara.