Saturday, October 23, 2010

Duck Vest - Neverending

At first neverending because of the diamonds (easy but fiddly).

Then I knit the bodice, tried it on, a little too small. I went for the classic 'oh, blocking will Make It Right', and knit the borders.

But there was no denying that it looked ridiculous, so I ripped. That was nearly the end of me.

Lack of yarn meant that most of the added fabric went into bewb shaping (those being the major ... problem after all).

It is still a little small, but there is no more yarn. I think, after yesterday's heat, it will be finished blocking, so I might try wearing it this morning.

P.S. all the ends were woven in as I went (it took about 40 minutes to weave in ends on a row of diamonds) and all I have to do is cut off the bits you can see in the picture.


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Bec said...

Very impressive. I'd like to see it modelled :)