Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More cardigan stalking (with permission)

One of the teachers at school is helping to bring back the man cardigan. And because putting up a blog post is exactly what I should be doing right now, here, I am telling you about it.

If I make Elizabeth's hybrid, but as a cardi, it should be fairly similar. If I can work out how to do the collar. But maybe I should finish one of the jumpers I am making for my brother first. Not that he looks to be leaving Thailand anytime soon.

I don't suppose anyone wants to save me from marking/interviews/yr 12s?


Alexandra said...

Hey, just an idea about the collar. Zimmerman came up with a placket collar ( in Knitters Almanac - she suggested top-down construction though. She put an i-cord edge on it. You could probably experiment to find a self-lined collar method, adding extra rows at the top back of the neck to get it to sit forward a bit..... just an idea anyway....


Ceels said...

Thanks, A. The placket collar looks good. The almanac is the one knitting book that lives in the living room, so it is right at hand.