Friday, January 08, 2010

Double Happiness Prototype #1

I had been in such a knitting funk since Portland. Had lost all the knitting love and felt meh about all my yarn. De-stashing helped enormously, the stress of all that yarn waiting to be knit paralysed me.

But the main motivating factor was a dear friend in Canada asking me to make her a shawl for her wedding day. Suddenly, yarn was exciting and patterns were exciting and knitting was exciting.

Now I am staying with her in Vancouver and 'proper' winter is also proving an excellent motivation to wield my sticks and string. I realise, of course, that it is not winter in Canada if it is not -22 degrees, but I am finding Vancouver winter quite satisfactory, thank you.


Sonia said...


Don't feel the pressure of your stash, just get better storage. If you can't see it, it doesn't exist!

Ceels said...

Thank you!

I need to get some opaque plastic tubs, I guess :)