Thursday, September 04, 2008

New bag, new hat -

While I was running errands on the weekend they took me near Scally and Trombone. And there I found a bag that fits all my needs (waterproof, capacious, long strap, purty).

Enough room for a book

and a knitting project or two.

And a card from a work mate.


jomamma said...

Cute bag! Looks so Barbie, so Continental, world traveler like. I popped over from Chocolate Trudi's. I like the way you have your projects listed on the side with the percentage done. You are a brave woman... I try not to have more than three things working at once. I'd never finish if I did. I say that but come to think of it, I may need to stop and take stock in what's going on... I may have 5 or 6! Yikes!

Ceels said...

Some say brave, some say ADHD :).

I may actually have the odd one or two more than are listed, also.