Thursday, August 14, 2008

Project Monogamy -

For the first time since I was a new new knitter, I am knitting on one project at a time. It feels odd, both the doing of it and the urge to do it. I am wondering what has happened to the over-excited, scatter-brained, ADD approach to knitting that had become more familiar. Could it be that I am growing up?

Or is it just a couple of looming deadlines for projects?

We have some bright pink flowers decorating our home and new curtains. The curtains are much more electric than the colour I remember picking and much more shiny than the fabric I remember picking, but they block out ALL the light and hold in a surprising amount of warmth, so I am ready to forgive them a very great deal.

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villamokka said...

Hi Ceels

thank You for faving my Rebecca top! Actually it is from Verena, I made a mistake at first when making a blog posting. Just in case You'd like to knit it one day -one never knows!
I have the same flowers blooming in my garden at the moment - in white version. We call them tiger lilies here.
Greetings from the other side of the globe!